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    Bamboo Steamer / Dim Sum steamer  
 Product Name:Bamboo Steamer / Dim Sum steamer
 Brand Name:CBK
      Detailed Product Description: Bamboo Steamer / Dim Sum steamer  

Bamboo Steamer / Dim Sum steamer

Because of its health benefits, steaming has become a popular method of cooking. The Chinese especially favour this cooking method as a nutritious and delicious way to cook fish. In South East Asia many cakes and desserts are cooked in a steamer.

Bamboo steamers are circular shaped with a tight, bamboo lid and a strong frame. They create a more authentic and tasty end product as well as offer true Oriental ambience.

Natural or carbonized
Dimensions: D 10.5” x 6 1/2” Height , Diameter can be 8 – 20” or customized
WG: 3 pounds

l Economical 2 tier cooking method
l Works in most woks or frying pans
l Ideal for vegetables, dumplings, and more
l Steaming helps retain foods vitamins and nutrients


Square Bamboo Steamer
6 1/4” Height D - 8 – 20” or customized


Rectangular Bamboo Steamer
W / L - 8 – 20” or customized , 6 1/4” Height

Bamboo Steamer Products Features:

1) Material: Natural mountain bamboo
2) Layer: One or two layers, or even more are available
3) Size and capacity: According to client’s requirements
4) Cleaning and care: Hand wash and dry thoroughly
5) Works in most woks or frying pans
6) Steaming helps protect food from losing vitamins and nutrients
7) Steaming makes vegetables crunchy, and meat tender
Bamboo steamers should be about 3 inches smaller than the wok to be used


It is advisable to maintain separate steamer tiers for meat, fish and vegetables if you’re going to regularly use a bamboo steamer. This means that future dishes won’t be tainted by strong flavours as the bamboo has the tendency to absorb them. You should also ensure that you wash your bamboo steamer well with warm, soapy water soon after use to keep it hygienic and fresh.

Extionsion - How to Use Bamboo Steamer

The steamer fits easily into a wok and is easy to use - The traditional option, bamboo steamers can be used individually or stacked. Food needs to be placed on a plate within the steamer and the bamboo steamer is then placed in a lidded wok. The pan or wok is filled with water to below the bottom of the bamboo steamer and brought to boil whereby the food in the steamer is cooked. If your bamboo steamer does not fit snugly in the wok, a steaming rack or insert needs to be placed in the wok to support the steamer. One good point for using bamboo steamers is that the food may be taken directly to the table in the steamer and is kept hot within the warm bamboo basket. Many dim sum dishes are prepared by this method.

Placing a layer of greens, lettuce or greaseproof paper at the bottom of the steamer should avoid the problem of sticking. You can also easily keep control with steaming, and you can choose to cook your ingredients well or to serve them with a slight crunch.

Steaming your food is always the healthiest choice. There is no need to use fat or oil and steaming retains a greater proportion of the vitamins and minerals in the food in comparison with boiling, whereby many of the nutrients are lost. A little light soy, finely shredded ginger and dash of sesame oil is all you need for satisfying results.

Bamboo steamers can be stacked – the lowest tier should contain the foods that take longest to cook. What’s more you can re-use the water you’ve placed in your wok as a flavoursome base for a sauce or stock, especially if you’ve added some spices to it prior to cooking.

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