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    Round bamboo skewer  
 Product Name:Round bamboo skewer
 Shape: Round with one end sharp pointing
 MOQ : Random but pricing will be difference
 Origion: China
      Detailed Product Description: Bamboo Skewer, Food picker  


People who love grilled food cannot afford to ignore having bamboo skewers in their kitchen, as with this not only time is saved, but the food item tends to retain its natural taste that is usually lost in overcooking with other methods,Bamboo skewers are used to cook food like eel, beef, and chicken, over an open fire. To use safely, soak the bamboo skewers in water for a half an hour or more, add meat or vegetables and grill. 

Round Bamboo Skewers / Kabob / kebab barbecue grilling stick

bamboo skewer A - B grade
             A grade w/ knots                                        B grade                                            Engraved logo

Material: 100% Moso Bamboo or DAN bamboo
Shape: Round stick
Single pointed
Diameter: 2.0mm-6.0mm
Length: 10cm-50cm
Size: Eg. 2.0mmx15cm; 3.0mmx20cm; 3.0mmx30cm; 4.0mmx25cm, 4.0mmx30cm; 5.0mmx30cm; 5.0mmx40cm; 6.0mmx45cm, etc. 
Packing: i.e 12/16/100 , 12/10/100 , 60/100 ...

  • OPP , PP , PE bags , a few bas in a small case and a few cases in a master carton
  • Your logo Printing is available
  • Plastic or paper Head card is available
  • Logo engraved on skewer stick end is available
  • SGS testing, food safe

bamboo skewer head card

Typical processing : Cutting bamboo poles into a certain length, Spliting bamboo poles, round forming, steaming / boiling to remove wax and sweet, drying , disinfection by ultraviolet (UV) light,final lenngth cutting, sharping point one end, polishing, packing

We can supply the bamboo skewers according to customer’s requests, the shape can be round, flat, square, also can make single pointed, double points as well as two ends flat. Packing can be made by requests, bag packing and box packing both ok.

      Product Images :Round bamboo skewer  

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