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    bamboo stick  
 Product Name:bamboo stick
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Bamboo sticks for flower

Natural bamboo is split into strips of similar length and diameter. By using a forming machine, the bamboo strips are transformed into round bamboo sticks. After being cut at the required length, the round bamboo sticks are dried in ovens for 24 hours. After drying and polishing, the flower sticks are sharpened. And then selected and packed in plastic bags.

bamboo stick natural floral stick

Regular dimensions:
Length from 12 to 90cm; diameter from 2 to 8 mm

These bamboo stick can be coated by water – based paint lacquer, stained into brownish coffee, dark green, black... Another option is dyed first and then wax, then it looks more bright

bamboo stick dyed green brown coffee

The bamboo stick are for standing support flower, nursery and plant in agriculture and horticulture

Natural bamboo pole stick

Bamboo stick types: Tsinglee / Tonkin ( tea bamboo ) , DAN ,KU, HONG bamboo ,natural black bamboo, speckled bamboo -

Dyed Bamboo Stick
They are dyed, so they blend in well with the natural color of the plants. We supply full range of dyed Bamboo Stakes (canes) in green, black, brown, mahogany, yellow color with different lengths and diameters. These work great for staking up plants and flower spikes. They usually are the difference between a straight tree and one that grows crooked. We encourage gardeners whenever possible to stake their plants. This gives a plant or tree adequate protection

Plastic coated bamboo stick / cane / pole / stake

We use PVC plastic to coat bamboo stake / cane / pole / stick, end cap is available as your request
Various colors are available such as green, brownish, red, pink -

Laminated bamboo stick ( dowel )

They are made out of laminating bamboo slats; we compressed them by high pressure machine, rounding and polishing
Diameter 1.0 , 1.5, 2.0 cm-

Part PVC / Tar coated bamboo stick has anti-erosions properties when insert this end into ground


Instead of coated by PVC ,tarred part of canes of bamboo has same working , tar coated say 50cm on big end and then insert to soil to get bamboo more durable

The big end can be sharpened for it can be easy to insert into the soil

Polish bamboo stick

The dry yellow Tsinglee / Tonkin ( tea bamboo ) stick are full polished , it has smooth surface, very straight and durable
It also can be dyed to get different colors

Dia: 6 – 30cm
Use for standing flower and nursery, plant ; as well as handles of bag etc

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